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Has nunchucks will travel
spandexisyouth wrote in soul_logs
Characters: OPEN
Location: Training grounds near the park. Part of it’s an obstacle course, too.
Rating: Gen, hopefully.
Time: Morning, November 28 and various dates (note in thread)
Description: Training time. This happens every morning, 6am to 9am, but are mostly handwaved. Your character should know about it, one way or another. A log is put up every month or two, but you are free to assume that your characters attend every morning if they want to. Today's training will double for either days. Coordination post here.

Breakdown of batches and groups are as follows:
Batch 1: Beginners under the age of fifteen. Taught by Prussia, Fakir, Auron, Chie Satonaka.
Batch 2: Adult beginners. Under Ping (Mulan), Saber, Maito Gai.
Batch 3: Intermediate fighters, for sparring with each other. Overseen by Hyuuga Neji. Please see list of random sparrers.
Batch 4: Experienced fighters, for sparring with each other. Overseen by Selendis. Please see list of random sparrers.
Weapon transformation: How to Change into Your Weapon Form. Spirit, Yuuri, China.
Soul Perception: If you still don’t know by now-- Any of the Soul Perception people. Azusa.
Partner training: How to Work Together as Partners. Tassadar and Nataku. Maka and Soul.
Weapons handling training: Rock Lee, Genesis.
Shooting range: How to shoot things 101. Jade Harley, Grit, Germany.
Medics: All the medical people.
Audience: Because some people just want to watch.
Watch: An area closed off to the Watch members who need any sort of special training.
Feel free to throw up new threads for characters, especially those who want to try their partnership. Breakfast is served as usual!

For training via sparring, batches 3 and 4:
Date Masamune Kojurou
Itachi Uchiha
Hyuuga Neji
Chōsokabe Motochika
Maito Gai

Various NPCs (also available upon request)

Partner vs partner sparring is also good!

Misc threads will include FAQ thread and breakfast eating thread.

Feel free to throw up new threads at the bottom.

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[God, it's so eeeeaaaarly. Why is she doing this again? Oh, yeah. Food. Speaking of which it smells amazing, but first things first. ]

There's coffee here, right? Someone tell me there's coffee.

There was some coffee- but something tells me that you're not in the mood for has-beens. [And who should come by with a mug of steaming hot coffee, holding said mug with one hand with his other tucked into a pocket.]

[You've got to be kidding. Of all the luck. Faye sucks on her bottom lip and gives Jade a sidelong look. At the moment, she wouldn't be too proud just to knock him over and take the coffee if she thought she could get away with it. But that won't work. She quickly drops the look and forces a sweet smile on her face.]

I wouldn't mind at all, if there was a gentleman willing to share.

A gentleman, you say? Let me think- [And Jade takes a sip out of the coffee, mmm, such good stuff] No, I don't think I've seen any gentlemen around.

Yeah. So I noticed. [She gives an indignant toss of her hair as she pours herself a sad glass of cold, healthy, fruit juice and eyes it speculatively. It's so not the same.] Well, not that it matters. I hear it stains your teeth anyway.

Such a pity, Miss Faye. I was about to tell you that a new batch of coffee was being brewed as we speak- but I suppose that will be of little use now that you've sworn it off in interest of your health. [Another sip; this really does taste good.]

[The glass of juice makes it halfway to her lips, and there it stops. Faye feels her eye twitch as Jade's words sink in. He knew?! Why that lousy, son of a...]


Edited at 2011-07-15 03:11 pm (UTC)

Having yet another change of heart? My my, you sure are very flexible with your beliefs.

[that icon XD | Faye makes a strangled sound.]

I - [She stops, shuts her mouth, and tries again.]

You decided I gave up coffee for my health! All I said was that it stains your teeth. [The aroma of the freshly brewed batch catches her nose, and she looks around eagerly for the new pot.]

And no, I don't care if it does. That's what dentists are for.

[Hilarious, isn't it? Anyway, Jade slowly drinks his coffee as if giving fair warning that he could use some more coffee too.]

So I've heard, but you looked as if you were going to combust on the spot just now! I may have heard from some other source that coffee also raises your blood pressure and I would have felt so terribly guilty if you had died of an aneurysm before your day's even begun; it's really not a way to begin one's day.

If I die before this morning is out, it'll be your fault, and I couldn't possibly be content with you only feeling guilty about it. [Faye casually sets her juice glass down and begins to edge around Jade in an effort to make sure she reaches the coffee before him.]

I'll make sure to haunt you~

[Come on now Faye, there's plenty of coffee and he's only messing around with you!]

You'd be doing me a favor; while I don't believe in ghosts I had never discovered a way to prove that they don't exist.

[cranky and caffeine deprived = does not trust you right now, Jade Curtiss]

Yeah, that's me. Helpful to the very end. [Her words are followed by a short pause.] Why so interested in ghosts?

Idle curiosity. If someone's wiling to volunteer, why not take notes?

Oh, I see. You're an opportunist, huh? [And speaking of opportunity, the god of caffeine decided to answer Faye's prayers. A new carafe of hot coffee is placed on the table. Faye latches onto it like a lifeline, then realizes she needs a mug.]

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