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[OPEN] New people
going round and round
daddyscythe wrote in soul_logs
Characters: OPEN to new arrivals and NPCS.
Where: En route to Casualty Communal
Rating: Gen
Time: November 22, Late Afternoon
Description: It never ends!

It hadn’t been a week since the attack in Death City, but the place was already well into recovery. It helped that there had been far less kills this time than the last (nearly 90% difference, he’d been told), and that there had not been that much property damage. Still, everything else outside of the city was tense at best.

The BREW activated a little late in the day, though. The sun could be seen very low in the horizon outside, and the city was bathed in a dark orange red. The temperature was also dropping off to a sad degree, so it was just as well that the members of the SEES had proposed jackets for the new arrivals for later. Wouldn’t want the new kids freezing to death, right?

[ooc: Player characters will also be joining the log, so don’t be surprised if you are tagged by one!]

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[Honestly? There's a lot that Jade can say about his current situation, none of them good. That these apparent kidnappers are so organized and have recruited some of the other people to welcome the new arrivals says a lot about this war that they're supposedly in, though that's exactly why he has his game face on as he replies.]

Thank you, that information was very helpful.

[Faye overhears your comment, Jade and can't help snorting. She turns to him with a smirk.]

Yeah, real helpful. Like a good old kick to the head.

[Jade can sympathize- no wait, he can't. Still, Faye's lack of a reaction to their current situation is curious enough to merit his attention.]

Ha ha ha. Well, you have to give them some credit; they're certainly hospitable and informative for kidnappers!

[She shrugs broadly.] Oh please, I don't have to do anything~ They don't know any more than they did last time.

So, you kidnapped often?

Is that so? And that would be a no, though I could certainly think of worse ways to be kidnapped. [He's maybe paying a little more attention now since that means she's been here before.]

I think I'd call it incompetently transplanted, myself.

You might be right, though. It could be worse - I mean, free room and board's nothing to sneeze at. All you have to do is look past the war, the sand creatures, the plagues of frogs, and the fact we're in Nevada.

That's an interesting choice of words. I'll refrain from saying more on that matter for now, but as things stand, I would have to say that our captors appear to either genuinely want our cooperation or they intend to persuade us through temptation. Very smooth, indeed.

Does it matter? Either way, the choice is still yours whether you cooperate, as you put it, or just go along for the ride.

Is it now? Then I'll have to go for the third option and choose to observe. Very stressful, these kidnapping operations...This tour they've planned sounds pleasant, but it could be the end of me yet. [Completely deadpan.]

...Oh, it's not so bad.

Not until they take you into the back lab to sample your soul, anyway. [also deadpan]

Oh, I wouldn't know. It sounds interesting enough that I may be wiling to be experimented on, perhaps a little.

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