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Soul Eater
soul_mods wrote in soul_logs
Characters: OPEN
Location: Death City
Rating: PG
Time: September 24
Description: The combined efforts of the residents of Death City are frustrating the kidnappers.

It was a little after dawn when Shibusen's new surveillance system picked up on figures at the far edges of the city. At first glance, they appeared to be nothing but harmless mounds of soil, but a quick check showed that they were moving.

And moving in. By mid-morning, they had swarmed the city.

There were hundreds of them, small figures barely half the size of a normal human. They were literally a moving pile of sand, their bodies kept together only because of magic. Sand hands, sand eyes, and most importantly: sand teeth.

The constructs didn't seem intelligent enough to differentiate between weak or strong, only determined to carry away as many people as they could to the edge of the city and getting rid of anything (or anyone) that tried to stop them. If one has seen you, chances are, they're going to go for you!

[ooc: They look like this, minus the goop and more sand. They are pretty easy to kill with the usual bludgeoning, although their bite stings and they can produce claws at will. Perhaps their most terrifying ability is being able to mold and merge together to make bigger sand constructs.

Their weakness is water, but be careful! If you contaminate the water lines with sand, you'll go thirsty for a while.]

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The figures had been picked up, but the information on them hadn't exactly been leaked.

Rather, the panic in the streets had leaked the fact the things had arrived.

If it hadn't been for another certain blue-coated individual being in the city, Hughes would have taken for a vantage point near the edge of the city-- as it was, though, he kept himself just a bit off-center, which meant that he didn't get to see nearly as many constructs, but he also didn't risk -- well. More important things. The more helpless citizens were fleeing inward too, he noticed, and he could help them out, though he was worrying over his supply of knives left--

"Hey! Lady!" He could be direct sometimes, yes, but this was a crisis. Actually, that 'lady' was familiar, now that he wasn't a block away, but he was only seeing her back (give him one more second and he'd place her). "Are you headin--?"

One patch of soil was all it took, wasn't it? And it'd be just his luck. He screeched to a stop as the thing manifested, arm immediately going back in preparation for throwing. Seriously? Right then? And that 'lady' was definitely more than familiar-- was that Faye?

It was indeed Faye. She was winding her way back into the city, hoping to meet up with her partner Vincent and really, really hoping not to run into more sand constructs. She was already tired and shoeless - don't ask.

The sound of a familiar voice, however. caught her attention. Taking a moment to pause, Faye turned around and raised her eyebrows.

"Hughes? Is that-" Her sentence went unfinished with the sudden appearance of another one of those miserable creatures. The look of surprise on her face shifted abruptly to one of sheer irritation. This was really not her day.

"Are you KIDDING me?!" she shouted to no one in particular and cast around for something, anything she could possibly use as a weapon. About a second later, the creature poised to strike.

"Hey, Miss Valentine!" That -- was a cheery shout, with a hand raised to wave and an easier grin on his face.

As the sand started collect into another monster, however, Hughes' cheer evaporated pretty well.

"Damn it--" At least he was somewhat ready for it. 'Somewhat,' in that a knife didn't seem to knock them out, but it at least distracted it a good amount. The blade sunk into the muck like a piece of paper into a river, but those 'eyes' were turning away from Faye and on to him.

Him, who was immediately taking off down the road. He shouted, maybe kind of loudly (readying another knife, planning on perching on that mail box just a few yards down for a bit of height. good thing this one was tiny): "You've run into a few of these things, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. These sand guys and I are old pals~" she replied dryly as Hughes' knife found its mark. "Trouble is they can't take a hint." That was certainly the truth. They were tenacious if nothing else.

Taking advantage of the distraction provided by Hughes, Faye picked up a loose board from the street. She gave the sand creature a solid whack across the knee-ish area before putting some distance between herself and its sandy form. Hopefully that gave time enough for Hughes to reach the mail box.

"Nice shot, by the way!"

There would be a low whistle from the man who had just found his vantage point, three knives out and in between each finger--

"Well, can you blame 'em there?" That creature was still on the move, and if his peripheral vision served him right, there were a few more headed toward them-- one of which fell back as a blade pierced its 'throat.' Had to aim to hit them right as they opened those nasty mouths. "You sure pack a punch, though. Where'd you learn?"

And, with a laugh, straightening up and taking aim again (it was like old times, wasn't it. easy to grin when you had the upper hand): "Thanks! S'all I'm good for, really!"

Faye grinned and tossed her hair. "Oh, here and there. You know how it is." That grin began to falter, however, when those additional sand creatures decided to appear, and she suppressed a groan. But Hughes seemed to be on to something with his knife throwing. Figuring the best course of action would be to stay close, Faye made a sprint to the mail box to help cover his back.

"And you're just being modest," she commented as she adjusted her grip on the board. "Say, uh, how many of those knives you got left anyway?"

"I've got to find out, if I don't." His grin and cheer didn't falter in the least, though it maybe gained a bit of a sharp edge. They were in actual danger, after all, especially considering...

Ah. He'd have to ask.

"You know, I'm not supposed to tell--" Another sand monster dissolving, sliced clean through, and he shifted on his perch a bit. "- But about five. Say, are you a Weapon or a Meister?"

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