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(no subject)
The heavens shine down upon me!

(no subject)
Characters: Black☆Star and Eve
Location: Mettokori R
Rating: PG-13
Time: January 21st, afternoon.
Description: Black☆Star figures he'll check out this guest-run place for some 'japanese goods.'

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[ closed ]
these precious things
Characters: Aqua and Shin
Location: Shibusen Park
Rating: G...? Can't imagine how a guitar lesson might get any higher than that... PG due to smoking and possible language~
Time: January 20th, afternoon
Description: Shin is teaching Aqua to play the guitar.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate writing descriptions?Collapse )

one day I'll be a king
Characters: Leo and semi-OPEN?
Location: Leo's place
Rating: PG-13?
Time: January 19th until 21st
Description: Leo has been MIA for some days after his run-in with Ryoki now. Some people are worried enough to investigate. (For details please check here. Crossposted with proper icons on DW here!)

This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.Collapse )


[OPEN] A is for Archaic
I will turn this car around.
Characters: Allen A., Takuto, and YOU
Location: Triple A Arcade
Rating: PG
Time: Jan. 20
Description: Following a recommendation from Takuto and a passing interest in S.E.E.S, Allen checks out this strange place called an 'arcade'.

Some kid from the 1st century meets video games. Oh boy.Collapse )

(no subject)
Characters: Okita Sougo and Hijikata Toushirou
Location: The Town of Wells
Rating: S.
Time: January 19th
Description: Sougo plans to prove what a worthless weapon Hijikata is.

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I would walk five hundred miles [OPEN]
Characters: Teresa of the Faint Smile & OPEN
Location: The Park
Rating: PG - minor blood
Time: January 19th - Late Morning
Description: Teresa ventured beyond the city walls, and she returned to realize how debilitated she is and how this partnership system requires her participation.

Cross-posted to Dreamwidth

I would walk five hundred moreCollapse )

The life of a Ghost [OPEN]
Smiling (fanart)
Characters: Sarah Kerrigan & OPEN
Location: In and Around the DOGS office
Rating: PG
Time: January 19th
Description: Sarah doesn't appear often in the public areas around the office, but she's scoping out possible entry points and in the mood to be bothered... or bother people walking by.

Cross-posted to Dreamwidth.

Put your finger on the triggerCollapse )

be prepared

Characters: Kurama & Hiei
Location: Hiei's apartment
Rating: PG - maybe PG-13 if Hiei's mouthy?
Time: January 19th, late morning/early afternoon

Description: Hiei ignores his birthday, he and Kurama finally discuss where Kurama will live while he's in Death City. 

gimme sympathy..Collapse )

[OPEN] If you were somebody else
painting (Default)

Characters: Darcia & OPEN
Location: Bitch's Brew Bar
Rating: PG (will up if anything happens)
Time: Backdated to January 15, nighttime.
Description: Keep running.

I wander aimlessly into this night/I cannot leave but can't afford the price...Collapse )