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Has nunchucks will travel
spandexisyouth wrote in soul_logs
Characters: OPEN
Location: Training grounds near the park. Part of it’s an obstacle course, too.
Rating: Gen, hopefully.
Time: Morning, November 28 and various dates (note in thread)
Description: Training time. This happens every morning, 6am to 9am, but are mostly handwaved. Your character should know about it, one way or another. A log is put up every month or two, but you are free to assume that your characters attend every morning if they want to. Today's training will double for either days. Coordination post here.

Breakdown of batches and groups are as follows:
Batch 1: Beginners under the age of fifteen. Taught by Prussia, Fakir, Auron, Chie Satonaka.
Batch 2: Adult beginners. Under Ping (Mulan), Saber, Maito Gai.
Batch 3: Intermediate fighters, for sparring with each other. Overseen by Hyuuga Neji. Please see list of random sparrers.
Batch 4: Experienced fighters, for sparring with each other. Overseen by Selendis. Please see list of random sparrers.
Weapon transformation: How to Change into Your Weapon Form. Spirit, Yuuri, China.
Soul Perception: If you still don’t know by now-- Any of the Soul Perception people. Azusa.
Partner training: How to Work Together as Partners. Tassadar and Nataku. Maka and Soul.
Weapons handling training: Rock Lee, Genesis.
Shooting range: How to shoot things 101. Jade Harley, Grit, Germany.
Medics: All the medical people.
Audience: Because some people just want to watch.
Watch: An area closed off to the Watch members who need any sort of special training.
Feel free to throw up new threads for characters, especially those who want to try their partnership. Breakfast is served as usual!

For training via sparring, batches 3 and 4:
Date Masamune Kojurou
Itachi Uchiha
Hyuuga Neji
Chōsokabe Motochika
Maito Gai

Various NPCs (also available upon request)

Partner vs partner sparring is also good!

Misc threads will include FAQ thread and breakfast eating thread.

Feel free to throw up new threads at the bottom.

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[Yeah. Gotta say, it does look a little strange. Faye stops in her tracks and looks about her for someone who looks like a responsible adult. Not finding one, she shrugs to herself and approaches Jade.]

...You're in charge of the shooting range?

Yep! I'm here to make sure no one kills themselves.

[ She grins. ]

[She blinks at that, somehow not entirely reassured.] Yeah. I suppose that would put a damper on the day if they did. [Faye half watches Jade clean her rifle as she starts to pick the weaponry.]

No offense, kid, but do you actually know how to use that thing?

Edited at 2011-07-14 10:35 pm (UTC)

[ She finishes cleaning the rifle carefully. As soon as she's done, she stands up. ]


[ It takes less than a minute for her to move into a proper stance, take aim, and shoot at a glass bottle sitting the farthest away from the range. It shatters, and she relaxes. She moves to put the rifle back into her sylladex but --there isn't one. Goddamn, it's been two months and it's still weird to have to carry things around. ]

[Faye resists the temptation to whistle.] Say, that's pretty impressive. [Okay, so really impressive, especially with a rifle.] Where'd you learn to shoot like that?

[ooc: I lost this! Sorry for the lateness.]

[ She grins, and puts the safety on. No need to hurt anybody! ]

My Grandpa taught me, when I was a little girl. I lived on an island, so I always had to carry a rifle around for protection.

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